The following Christmas tree care instructions form part of our Terms & Conditions.

Trees may not be cut or trimmed.  Please carefully measure the area where you would like to place your Christmas tree, including the height of the room - don't forget to allow for your tree topper!    Our tree measurements include the pot from it's base.  If you would like any advice, please contact us prior to ordering.

Trees should not be placed in front of open fires or radiators.   Please refrain from placing your tree in front of open fires or radiators as they will dry out quickly which will result in needle-drop or may even result in the death of the tree.  You can place your tree outside until you are ready to move inside and decorate but please remember to water it to keep it happy!  

If at all possible, try not to take from a very cold environment (outside in an icy December) to a warm centrally heated house immediately.  The best scenario would be to move from outside into a garage/shed for a few days and then indoors.

Like all living things, our trees need water to live.  Our trees will need to be watered every day just like any other houseplant, keeping the soil just damp.  If using a water spike please ensure bubbles float to water level.  If there are no bubbles, the water spike is probably blocked with earth and will need cleaning under a running tap.  If you would prefer not to use a water spike, just water from the top or in the saucer.

After Christmas, if possible, move into a garage or shed to allow it to acclimatise before moving it outside and water as necessary until it is collected.

Please contact us if you have any concerns.