Thank you to all our customers for their beautiful Christmas tree pics!  If you rented your Christmas tree from us and would like a photograph to feature here, please email us.

These photographs are also featured on our facebook page with descriptions.


Gallery Christmas 2016

Gallery Christmas 2016



Customer Christmas Tree 2015 Customer's Christmas tree Customer's Christmas tree

Customer Christmas Tree 2015



Customer Photos 2014


"Crumpet" - 4'8" Nordman Fir     "Poppy" - 4'6" Nordman Fir

Crumpet 2013 Remi

5'7" - 6' Nordman Fir

5'7-6' Nordman

"Elsie" 5'7" Fraser Fir
Fraser Fir 5'7
"Brian2"  Nordman Fir

"Beau"  Nordman

"Quentin" 5ft Quirky Nordman

"Julia"  Quirky tree

Julia quirky tree




4ft 9 Nordman

"Pudding" 4ft 9in Nordman
6ft Nordman 1ft Korean Blue  
  6ft Nordman
in an office in Billericay
"Horace" 1ft Korean Blue
our daughter's tree
  5ft Nordman

5ft 6in Nordman

  5ft Nordman "Flo" 5ft 6in Nordman  


AB Nordman Fir
Our tree
Korean Blue
Nordman Fir
named "Brian"
Korean Blue Nordman Fir