We are a family-run business and so understand how important Christmas is to you - and your quest for that perfect shaped tree.  Every tree we rent out is grown and trimmed to a very high standard to ensure it's shape is as near perfect as possible.  We would like to think that we will only rent out trees which would be personally acceptable to us in our own home.

Fraser Fir branches decorated Fraser Fir branches decorated 2

Eco-friendliness runs throughout our business practises.

We are not "Eco-Geeks", but do consciously think about our planet and how we can do our bit to help.  We do this by: 
  • the use of recycled stationery in our office
  • use low-energy light bulbs
  • collection of rainwater from our roof for use when potting-on, etc
  • ensuring electrical items are unplugged when not in use and not left on stand-by
  • use of rechargeable batteries in battery operated equipment
  • separation of recyclable waste - paper, glass, aluminium, steel, some plastics, broken electrical items, etc
  • compost organic waste for use on the land
  • make best use of vehicles and walk/cycle whenever/wherever possible

Following the installation of photovoltic panels at the end of September 2014, we have been totally self-sufficient power-wise.  Every piece of electrical equipment, irrigation, radio, kettle, microwave & LED lighting have been powered by wonderful sunlight