We're supporting the Spinal Injuries Association

"Making Life Brighter With Christmas Lights" campaign this Christmas 2015
Not many of our customers are aware that in 2009, I (Jayne) became unwell with Transverse Myelitis - inflammation of the spinal cord - which caused a spinal cord injury. This meant the messages from my brain to my legs were interrupted by the scar tissue in my spinal cord, which affected my balance.  This has also left me (amongst other things) with nerve pain in my legs and feet and I now have to walk aided by a crutch.  There are many types of Spinal Cord Injuries, they are not solely caused by accidents. 

This Christmas we have decided to support the Spinal Cord Injuries Association's campaign "Making Life Brighter With Christmas Lights" to raise awareness of the good work they do and to hopefully raise funds so they can continue to provide support and information in the future.  For more information, please click on this link http://www.spinal.co.uk/page/christmas2014 .

We will also be delivering a leaflet about the campaign with your tree.